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A mother needs children

A mother needs children…………
Dear We, the cartoonists rights network of Bangladesh is going to arrange a charity cartoon exhibition and cartoon sale to raise a fund for helping cartoonist ARIFUR’s mother, who is suffering from kidney failure and needs to transplant her kidney immediately, for this we the cartoonist of Bangladesh started donating their works. The exhibition will take place on the 1st of October at about 4pm in Chabir Hut, opposite to Dhaka Art Institute and known a patio of freedom. We are looking for any kind of your participation, especially one of your cartoon works which we can select or you can select for this purpose from your facebook or web gallery, can we do that? Please inform us as early as possible as we will reprint it on a presentable format that enhance people to buy and donate to help our ailing mother.



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Cartoonists Rights Network,



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