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My experience of Norway

I was officially welcomed in Norway by the Mayor of Drobak city Thore Vestby, who gave me a painting of Drobak and a mug as mementoes of the occasion. The more I spent time with him, the more I realized that Bangladesh desperately needs a people-friendly and honest politician like him to make the country corruption-free.

One day, during my stay there, Mr Vestby told me that the King and Queen of Norway were coming to a visit of Drobak, and it would be great if I could present them with a delicacy of my country as a Christmas gift. He also invited me to a dinner with the Norwegian nobility on the 23rd of December. So, Vestby and I went shopping and he helped me make Puli Pitha, a traditional Bangladeshi cake. (more…)

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CartOOnisT ARiF

CartOonist ARiF

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tOOns MaG

Drawing of Fahmida Tanjeen

Fahmida is my Good Friend. This is her Drawing.
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Mr. MiLu

My NeW CartOOn Character.

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My some Old Paintings
Girl 13

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